STACKING EQUIPMENT (automatically)

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STACKING EQUIPMENT (automatically)

Mach. No.: 

STACKING EQUIPMENT (automatically)
Stacking Equipment


Technical Details: 
sheet length max. 8.000 mm, sheet thickness max. 15.00 mm, sheet width max. 2.100


STACKING EQUIPMENT (automatically)

sheet length max. 8.000 mm

sheet thickness max. 15,00 mm

sheet width max. 2.100 mm

packing weight 6.000 kg

technical details:

max. / min. length 500 / 8.200 mm

max. / min. width 600 / 2.100 mm

stacking process – sheet length max. 8.000 mm automatically

stacking process - sheet length max. 15.000 mm manually

stacking height (with or without pallet) 500 mm

stacking unit 2 pc. tables / each 6.000 mm length

packing weight max. 6.000 kg / each table

description of the line:

the automatically stacking line with 2 pc. of roller tables (each 6 m length)

is usable for stacking of sheets with dimension of 2.000 x 8.000 mm

automatically, by hydraulic cylinder. the stacking process of sheets with the

length of 15.000 mm must be processed manually.

min. length is 500 mm, sheet thickness in the range of 2 - 15 mm.

the 2 roller tables are adjustable in the height by angular gear.

the tables are supported by pneumatically gas accumulator to absorb the load (endurance increased).

the impulsion of the rolls are proceeded by 3 pc. of ac motors and angular gear each table.

the positioning of the diverse sheet dimensions proceed automatically in length and width.

the line is equipped with the own hydraulic unit with motor and pump.


documentation electric / hydraulic / maintenance plan

spare parts sviwel arms / bearing / angular gear / cylinder / hydraulic pump


control cabinets are not available

control desk / hardware of the control system are not available

at the previous operating company processed materials:

material hot rolled steel

surface straightened / oiled / pickled

material dimension 2.100 x 2,00 – 15,00 mm





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Contact persons:

  Roland Becker

  Holger Suberg

  Giovanna Isopp

  Obernahmerstrasse 74, 58119 Hagen (Germany)

  +49 2334 4847

  +49 2334 4840